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Web Design by Jake Rueth

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My name is Jake Rueth (pronounced wreath) and I
specialize in both Graphic & Web Design. I offer an
array of Design services & am always eager to share
my ideas, network with cool people, & offer creative
solutions. Please check out my online portfolio to see
some of the projects I have worked on.

"One of those Creative types"

Yeah, I’m one of those guys...
I grew up in a small farm town and sure I had friends but we all lived miles away from each other so I spent the bulk of my days at home in my room drawing & painting and playing with Rubik’s cubes. I now try...

Custom Art & Illustrations

Not only do I work as a Graphic Designer but I do my own artwork on the side. The past several years I've been touring the Great Midwest showcasing my colorful and cute illustrations at various Comic & Anime Conventions. From gorgeous prints to tiny pins, trading cards & T-shirts...

Over 10 Years of Experience!

Before I knew it, over 10 years have passed! What a fun industry, full of challenging oppertunities and unique experiences, it's no wonder that time passes by so quickly! I've worked for some great companies & filled any open chunks of time with freelance opportunities & personal projects. Take a moment & check out my resume...